For women of all ages, nothing is more dreaded then swimsuit shopping. To reduce your swimsuit shopping anxiety and transform a stressful experience into a pleasurable one, Swimland has some very basic and important tips. Can’t be done, you say. Not so. First and foremost, let Swimland’s fit experts assist you. They are specialists and trained to fit women of all ages, shapes and sizes. After listening to your “wish list” and your swimsuit issues, they will recommend just the right swimsuits to meet your needs. Fit is the most important element for a successful swimsuit shopping experience. When asked by customers, which is the best suit? The simple answer is: “The one that looks best on you”. Because women’s bodies are so varied in shape and size, it is important that your swimsuit highlights your best features, while minimizing and camouflaging areas of concern. Swimland’s fit experts help you to do just that. You will leave the store smiling and confident that you have found the perfect swimsuit that looks and feels just great. Swimland promises a positive and successful swimsuit shopping experience.

Here are some helpful hits to consider before shopping for a swimsuit:

  • Shop in a specialty store- you will get the help and expertise you need.

  • Forget about the great suit you saw on the beach or in a magazine. The latest trend in swimwear or the hottest new designer may not be the swimsuit for you. Many of the best fitting swimsuits have absolutely no hangar appeal at all. Listen to the suggestions of the sales staff in the store. They see the suits on the body everyday and know how forgiving and becoming they can be. Select a suit that flatters your particular body and is comfortable. Color, solid or print, silhouette and style are all important and must “suit” the individual. It doesn’t matter what the latest fashion color is or what the hottest silhouette is - fit your particular body and choose a color that looks good on you.

  • Size does not matter – it is the fit that counts. Each manufacturer sizes and cuts a swimsuit differently. Also, sizing from the very same manufacturer can change from one season to the next. It is not unusual to wear a size 6 or 8 from one manufacturer and need a 10 or 12 from another. In fact, it is the norm. Just like the female body comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so too does the cut and fit of swimwear -no two brands fit exactly the same. For example, one manufacturer may cut primarily for a taller long torso figured women while another cuts for a shorter plumper body. Let the sales staff assist in determining your proper size – it will save you a lot of time and needless frustration.

  • Never go swimsuit shopping hungry, full, tired, rushed or in a bad mood. Swimsuit shopping is a time consuming process. Listen to the suggestions of the experienced fit specialists and don’t forget to bring your patience. Be at your best so that you can focus and concentrate without getting frustrated on finding that perfect bathing suit.

  • Don’t forget a matching or coordinating cover up, beach bag, shoes, hat and sunglasses to complete your outfit.

Your swimsuit is a fine garment and like any other fine garment, if cared for properly, it will look better and last longer. Caring for your swimsuit is easy. There are only a few simple things to remember:

  • Always hand-wash your swimsuit in cold water and lay flat to dry in the shade after each wearing. It’s just that simple. A mild soap or a swimsuit cleaning solution can be used, but is not required. Cool fresh water will suffice. Never wash your swimsuit in a washing machine or put them in the dryer – the combination of the heat, chemicals in the detergents and the motion of the agitator all prematurely break down the break down the fabric damaging and fading the Lycra. Your new suit will soon look faded, blotchy, stretched and worn.

  • Avoid hot tubs. Save an old swimsuit for these occasions. Like a washing machine and dryer, the heat and chemicals from the hot tub damage and destroy the Lycra fabric making your new swimsuit look old, worn and tired in a short time.

  • Be careful when sitting on rough surfaces like the edge of a pool or leaning against the ledge or side of a pool. Rough edges cause snags in your swimsuit making the fabric look pitted, fuzzy and worn. When sitting by the edge of a pool, sit on a towel. When leaning against the ledge or side of the pool. Cross your arms in front of you resting, your arms against the ledge rather then your swimsuit.

  • Avoid contact with suntan oil- it may stain your suit. Do not leave your swimsuit in a plastic bag or in a wet towel. After rinsing, lay flat to dry in a cool place.

These simple practices will protect the fabric of your swimsuit and keep it looking fresh and vibrant longer. Handle it with care.

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