Find Your Fit

Image describes bust, waste circumference and hip circumference and how to measure

How to Measure

Bust: Measure around your chest at the fullest part of your bust, keeping the tape parallel to the floor and your arm relaxed at your sides.

Waist: Bend to one side to find the natural crease of your waist and measure from this point. Allow a little room for a comfortable fit.

Hip: With your heels together, measure around the fullest part of your hips while keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

Torso: Starting at the top of one shoulder, measure diagonally across the fullest part of your bust, between your legs, and up your back to the staring point.

For most, finding the perfect swimsuit is quite the challenge.  Size does not matter – it is the fit that counts.  Each designer /manufacturer sizes and cuts a swimsuit differently.  Also, sizing from the very same designer can change from one season to the next.  It is not unusual to wear a size 6 or 8 from one manufacturer and need a 10 or 12 from another. Likewise, you can wear a small in one brand and a large in another.  

Just like the female body comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so too does the cut and fit of swimwear - no two brands fit exactly the same.  For example, one brand may cut primarily for a taller long torso figured women while another cuts for a shorter fuller body.  One brand cuts generously while another is on the skimpy side.  One size does not fit all.

To determine your size, we recommend you consult each designer's size chart before making your purchase.  If one is not available, use the universal size chart.


Image shows a universal size chart

Our customer service representatives can also help you determine your proper size and can even suggest a flattering style just for your body type


The FIT & STYLE GUIDE helps you find the perfect swimsuit for your body type and personal style.  Our FIT & STYLE  GUIDE is helpful in shopping for the swimsuit that highlights your best features while minimizing and camouflaging  areas of concern.  Refer to our suggestions particular to your shape and body type.  For all body types, balance is the key- you want to look proportional. 

Use our guide to find your perfect FIT & STYLE.

  1.   Select the silhouette that best describes your shape and body type.
  2.   Shop the looks suggested for you.
  3.   Take your swimsuit measurements and refer to the manufacturer's/designer's size          chart.  If one is not available, refer to the universal size chart.   
  4.    Select tops and bottoms separately for fit issues particular to your body type.            
  5.    Be patient- swimsuit shopping is a process.
This image shows different body types: triangle shape, inverted triangle shape, rectangle shape, hourglass shape, diamond shape, rounded shape, and pear shaped

An Hourglass Shaped Body

This body type is the one all women strive for.  Your bust and hips are well balanced. You have a defined waist that curves out to your hips.  You have rounded shoulders that align with your hips.  You most likely have a rounded bottom and  shapely front and side profile. Your upper body is proportionate in length to your legs which are shapely. 

This body type looks great in most swimsuits.  For these evenly proportioned body types, you can choose just about any swimsuit.  The bikini was made to show off your sexy curves. Look for halter tops with enough coverage for a larger chest - be sure to consider underwire and cup sizes for added support.  For smaller chests, the triangle or bandeau works well.  For the best bikini, simple bottoms that cut straight across your hips or the classic string look great with simple tops.  Stick to print coordinated tops and bottoms. 

Ruffled or embellished bottoms enhance your hourglass figure when paired with simple tops. Choose tankinis with a balanced top and bottom - either print or solid on both top and bottom.   Avoid the mix & match trend- wearing different colors on top and bottom make your body look disproportional.  Shop for one piece swimsuits to showcase your waistline and gorgeous curves. 

An Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

Inverted Triangle

This body type is characterized by a proportionally larger upper body.  You have broad shoulders, a wide back, a fuller bust, a defined waist, narrow hips, and long shapely legs, probably your best feature.  Most likely, you have a flat bottom.

For this body type, look for swimsuits that will balance your athletic upper body.   Look for simple solid color halter tops with wider straps for good coverage and support.  Underwire and molded cups work well too.  Consider cup sized suits for more support.   Avoid bandeau, or strapless styles and thin lingerie straps.  Bottoms that cut straight across your hips with tie sides look great with simple tops on this body type.  Ruffled or embellished bottoms will balance your figure when paired with a simple supportive top.  Skirts, shorts, and girl or boy leg styles are ideal for your athletic body.  To draw attention to your bottom half, you can mix & match your bikini or tankini top and pair brightly colored or printed bottoms with solid colored tops.  Purchase your top and bottom separately since you will probably need a larger size on the top than on the bottom.  Look for one piece swimsuits with cut out sides or monokinis.  Hip details and plunging deep v necklines are recommended to create a curvaceous effect.  One piece styles with empire banded bra styles and wider shoulder straps also work.

A Triangular Shaped Body

This body type is characterized by slim arms and shoulders, hips larger then your bust, a well-rounded bottom, and a well defined waist, probably your best asset.

For this body type, look for tops that add volume to your bust and for bottoms that minimize your lower half.  Look for wide strapped, halter, embellished, ruffled, or lingerie strapped styles.  Push up or padded tops and bold printed tops are recommended to draw the eye upward.  Bandeau or strapless tops also work for this body type.  You can also mix & match your bikini or tankini tops and bottoms.  For the best bikini and tankini options, pair brightly colored or printed tops with solid darker colored bottoms – preferably a full coverage brief, a clean skirted bottom that falls just below the largest part of the leg, or hipster styles.  A higher cut leg and side ties also work to reduce the visual width of your hips.  Purchase your top and bottom separately since you will probably need a larger size on the bottom than on the top.  Look for one piece styles with a fitted bandeau to show off your waist, or a plunging or deep v-necklines with a higher cut leg to lengthen your body.   Avoid boy shorts or thick banded bottoms- the extra fabric draws attention to the bottom area you are trying to mask.  

A Rectangular Shaped Body


This body type is the most common body type.  Your hips and bust are balanced. Your waist is not very defined and you probably have a bottom that is more flat then round.  Your legs are shapely and probably one of your best features.

For this body type, look for swimsuits that will add the illusion of curves.  Embellished, ruffled, flounced, cut-out, and empire or drop waistline styles help to create curves - girly details and patterns are perfect for you.  Look for twist front tops, sweetheart, plunging or v-necklines in bikinis, tankinis and one pieces.  Ruffled or embellished tops draw the eye up building dimension.  Halter and wider strap options are also recommended to add volume. Likewise, skirted or ruffled bottoms in a bright or bold patterns add curves to the hips.  For on trend, mix & match your bikini or tankini top and bottom to draw attention away from your mid-section and to create curves.  Look for bottoms with with ties or hip embellishments for the illusion of a waistline.   One piece suits with strategically placed cutouts and shirring and hip embellishments are also ideal for this body type.  Avoid horizontal stripes.

A Diamond Shaped Body


This body type is characterized by a small bust, hips broader than your bust and shoulders, an undefined waist, and wide hips and thighs.  Your lower legs are shapely and probably one of your best features.  Likewise, you have proportionately slender shapely arms.

For this body type, look for swimsuits that  enhance your bust while de- emphasizing your tummy and hips.  Look for suits that add curves and fullness to the upper body and select bottoms that will elongate the lower body.  Swimdresses with with an aline skirt are ideal for this body type.  Strapless one pieces with ruffled busts are also a good option.  Tankinis and one pieces with empire waistlines with fabric that floats away from your tummy are flattering features for this body type.  Look for straps that sit mid shoulder and necklines that are not too deep as other slenderizing options.  Select suits that are light or printed at the bust and dark at the hips and waist.  Avoid busy all-over prints, pale solids, boy shorts and skirts.

An Oval Shaped Body


This body type is characterized by a full bust, narrow hips and thighs and a full midsection. Your waist is probably undefined and the widest part of your body.  You have a flat buttocks and slender legs.

For this thicker midsection body type, select a swimsuit with tummy control, either a one piece, tankini, skirted bottom or empire waist swimdress.  Look for plunging, v- neck or scoop necklines that taper your body - details near your chest and neck are fabulous and bring the eyes up to the chest area and away from the midsection.  De- emphasize your midsection and look for styles wth shirring in the midsection or wrap or crisscross details like a surplus to help create a waistline.  Dark solids, monochrome prints or color blocking are ideal for his body type.  For a one piece swimsuit, look for one with dark colored side panels or printed in the middle.  Skirted suits with a printed bust and a bottom that flares at the hip also work for this body type.  To show off your legs, look for a classic or high waist brief bottom or bottoms with hip details or ties.  Swim skirts also work well as do styles with a print at the bust and a solid/darker coloring beneath.   Avoid busy all-over prints, pale solids, boy shorts and skirts.